Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum Locomotive Roster


Engine 5 - Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad

  • Built 1875, Baldwin Locomotive Works
  • 1875 - Carson & Tahoe Lumber and Fluming
  • 1899 - Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad
  • 1941 - Frank Lloyd Productions, Universal Studios, Burbank, CA
  • 1985 - Nevada County Historical Society
  • 2001 - NCNGRR Museum, Nevada City, CA



Engine 13 - Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad

Builder: Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum
Year: 2007-2009
Type: 0-4-0 Gauge: 36"
Weight: 8,000 lbs. Tractive Effort: 1,300 lbs.
Wheel Base: Engine, 13'-0" Driving, 56"
Boiler: Forced draft steam generator, 135 psig
Fuel: Fuel oil, 300,000 BTU/hr
Cylinders: Diameter, 5.0" Stroke, 12.0"
Valve Gear: Baker (Inside admission)


Engine 1 - WSLC

1927 - Plymouth Locomotive Works
Type: 0-4-0 Gauge: 36"
Weight: 8 Tons


Engine 10 - Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad

(These data concern the Museum’s No.10, not the original NCNGRR No.10)
Builder: Plymouth Locomotive Works, Plymouth, OH
Construction: 4592, Model: FLB
Weight: 5 tons, Gauge: 36”
Length: 12’0”, Wheel Base 39”
Date built: April, 1943

  • 1943 - Sunflower Ordinance Works, DeSoto, Kansas
  • Sold to Apache Powder Co. No. 8, Benson (St. David), Arizona
  • 1986 - Sold to Nevada County Historical Society.
  • 2007 - Converted to 12v ignition system; air compressor added.
  • Present - Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum,
    Nevada City, CA

Rail Bus 9 - W&CV Ry

Built in the 1970's as Westside & Cherry Valley Railway’s No.9, the rail bus ended its career in a collision with a parked Shay locomotive.

The museum purchased the wreck in 1984 for $200. A V-6 engine and transmission were purchased but they mysteriously disappeared one night and the project stalled. The bus sat untouched for the next nineteen years.

The remains were moved to the restoration shop in 2004. Sierra winters had deteriorated the vehicle to the point that only the chassis, differential, and wheels were salvageable.

The restoration crew agreed on a design that closely reflected the original and began their work in 2005. They stripped and painted the frame and installed a 1984 Ford six-cylinder truck engine and manual transmission.

Construction completed in one year. Finishing touches included disc brakes, a brass LeRoi radiator shell, Ford Model A headlights and taillights, and a trunk from a 1924 Buick. Passengers sit on benches salvaged from Westside & Cherry Valley excursion car No. 203.

The rail bus is named for Sarah Kidder, president of the NCNGRR from 1901 to 1913.


Engine 3 - Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad

Baldwin Locomotive Works built Engine 3 in 1887. This 4-4-0 type was the last engine purchased new on the NCNGRR. The locomotive served on the railroad until destroyed in a fire at the Grass Valley yards in 1915. The boiler was sold to a mine near Carson City, Nevada in 1926 and was finally returned to Nevada County in 1997, seventy-one years after it left. It is on display in the Museum parking lot.


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